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Kocasinan Merkez Mah. Kaya sokak no: 5/B Bahçelievler/ İSTANBUL

Incomparable! And much more  better


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Incomparable! And much more better
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As Unkur Fluid Pastry, we are a young and modern brand that started with the production of Adana Pastry in a 750 m2 production facility in Bahçelievler, Istanbul in the first months of 2018. With our dynamic staff, we work to create new tastes and new concepts in the sector that we are in.

We continue to be a pioneer in the sector by growing confidently with the quality of the materials we use in the production of our Adana pastry varieties and  without compromising the quality of the master power working in our factory during the production phase.

Today, we deliver our delicious pastries which are produced in our factory which is  established in a closed area of ​​2,500 m2 with the latest technology machinery and equipment, we have ISO 9001 ISO 22000 ISO 45001 (ohsas) and Halal Product certificates under the assurance of our production quality certificates, each of them are talented pastry and baklava masters.

making additional investments in our factories in the coming period, continued unabated R & D efforts to expand our product range in Turkey before then, we aim to be the leading brand in the world.

In the coming period, as Unkur Fluid Pastry we will make additional investments, to enlarge our product range continuing the work without slowing down , we want to become leader brand , firstly to Turkey and  then in the World.

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